8 & Under

100 13.88 Noah Roberts QS 7/9/17 Mesa CC
200 29.02 Noah Roberts QS 6/11/17 Mesa CC
400 1:09.66 Noah Roberts QS 4/2/17 Mesa CC
800 2:46.47 Tristan Solomon AzC 5/20/18 Mesa CC
1500 5:40.34 Eli Gruman DR 7/7/19 Mesa CC
4X100 1:00.51 Do Right Educational DR 7/9/17 Mesa CC
4X400 5:10.83 Arizona Cheetahs AzC 6/17/18 Mesa CC
Long Jump 4.36m Noah Roberts QS 6/11/17 Mesa CC
Shot Put 7.48m Amar Elmore DR 3/6/16 Mesa CC
Javelin 26.19m Darius Alberty SS 4/19/15 Mesa CC


100 12.93 Donye Hermas AzG 6/7/13 Mesa CC
200 26.59 Paul Lucas DR 7/16/07 Glendale CC
400 1:01.4 Paul Lucas DR 7/16/07 Glendale CC
800 2:30.7 Ryan Silva Una 5/22/05 Glendale CC
1500 5:03.8h Joe Acosta SS 4/11/87 Glendale CC
4x100 54.06 Do Right Education DR 6/26/00 Glendale CC
4x400 4:32.0 Do Right Education DR 4/19/15 Mesa CC
1500RW 8:41.6h James Magdaleno Una 3/10/91 Tempe
High Jump 1.43m James Turner CG 6/3/06 Mesa CC
Long Jump 4.87m Tehran Thomas AZS 06/31/09 Mesa CC
Shot Put 9.82m Jason Fogel MP 3/21/87 Glendale CC
Javelin 40.98m Alexander Rameriz Una 6/3/12 Mesa CC
Triathlon 846 Chase Cord NWX 5/3/09 Mesa CC


100 12.15 Donye Hermas ATS 4/19/15 Mesa CC
200 25.00 Marcus Wheaton DR 5/18/02 Mesa CC
400 56.49 Brian Fair ARS 5/22/16 Mesa CC
800 2:15.5 Joe Acosta SS 7/16/89 Tucson
1500 4:43.1 Billy Smith Una 6/22/96 ASU
3000 9:35.3 Christian Clegg AzH 6/19/01 ASU
80H 12.3 Keshaud White ARS 5/6/12 Mesa CC
4x100 50.56 Arizona Cheetahs
AZ Rising Sun
Glendale CC
4x400 4:09.7 AZ Rising Sun AR 6/14/14 Mesa CC
4x800 10:07.6 Arizona Cheetahs AzC 7/16/94 Tempe
1500RW 8:34.6h James Hallam PB 6/1/91 Chandler
High Jump 1.66m Darren Reid YVF 5/18/96 Arcadia HS
Long Jump 5.59m Donye Hermas ATS 6/14/15 Mesa CC
Shot Put 13.63m DaVieon Center DR 6/1/14 Mesa CC
Discus 33.51m Brandon Ruiz NWX 7/13/08 Glendale CC
50.33m Marcus Naisant AzF 4/30/11 CDO HS
36.61m Nizer Smith AzF 3/17/18 Copper Canyon HS
Pentathlon 2613 Adam Turner MTC 6/14/09 Mesa CC


100 11.01 Quaron Adams Una 7/9/17 Mesa CC
200 22.72 Quaron Adams Una 5/21/17 Mesa CC
400 51.5 Brian Fair Jr ARS 03/31/18 South Mt. HS
800 2:01.1 Matthew Matiski PB 7/13/08 Glendale CC
1500 4.16.18 Ayden Schilb VV 7/9/17 Mesa CC
3000 9:28.8h Manuel Archibeque JOM 4/20/85 Glendale CC
100H 13.81 Marcus Clanton PB 5/8/02 Glendale CC
200H 25.43 Tevin Mayfield AzC 3/13/10 Canyon Del Oro
4x100 45.99 AZ Rising Sun ARS 6/7/13 Mesa CC
4x400 3:35.7 Arizona Cheetahs AzC 6/22/96 ASU
4x800 8:52.7 Arizona Cheetahs AzC 6/17/12 Mesa CC
3000RW 14:00.5h William Jenkins DH 6/4/88 Glendale CC
Pole Vault 3.36m Alex Hsu UH 5/22/05 Glendale CC
High Jump 1.95m Justice Summerset Una 6/3/12 Mesa CC
Long Jump 6.58m Kaybrin Stevenson AzC 7/16/00 ASU
Triple Jump 12.57m Ashtyn Lamb AzC 7/14/03 Glendale CC
Shot Put 15.89m Travis Colby Una 7/13/08 Glendale CC
Discus 46.58m Danny Righetti Una 5/24/92 Chandler HS
Javelin 53.96m Carlan Naisant AZF 6/14/14 Mesa CC
Pentathlon 3095 Adam Turner MTC 6/19/11 PVCC


100 10.67 Keegan Herring ARS 7/14/03 Glendale CC
200 21.64 Keegan Herring ARS 7/14/03 Glendale CC
400 49.3 Michael Hilbe AST 6/12/01 Tempe
800 1:56.6 Mark Matiski PB 5/30/10 Mesa CC
1500 4:04.0h Steve Scocco AzP 9/13/82 Phoenix
3000 9:04.9h Theodore Martin NARR 7/16/89 Tucson
110H 14.52 Trey Johnson NXL 5/31/15 Mesa CC
400H 56.95 Chris Chancey SS 6/10/90 Tucson
2000SC 6:37.3 David Ryan HH 6/8/01 Glendale CC
4x100 43.02 Track Arizona TAz 6/10/90 Tucson
4x400 3:26.03 NX Level Track NXL 5/21/17 Mesa CC
4x800 8:24.96 NX Level Track NXL 7/6/17 Mesa CC
3000RW 14:25.1h Doug Fox AzP 6/8/85 Glendale CC
Pole Vault 4.4m Grant Sisserson Una 6/19/11 Mesa CC
High Jump 2.04m Mateo MontaƱo FFS 6/11/94 Phoenix
Long Jump 6.99m Samuel Moore AHC 6/14/97 Chandler
Triple Jump 14.43m William Clay DR 6/16/07 Glendale CC
Shot Put 16.28m Tomas Navarro Una 6/18/00 Glendale CC
Discus 49.93m Jeremy Tuttle Una 6/14/09 Mesa CC
Javelin 58.8m Carlan Naisant AZF 5/22/16 Mesa CC
Hammer 53.81m Jacob Beene Una 6/17/12 Mesa CC
Decathalon 5741 Josh Pearson SS 6/3/95 Westview


100 10.51 Ray Miller AP 6/16/07 Glendale CC
200 21.46 Ryan Milus AzC 6/14/09 Mesa CC
400 48.16 Tyler Arnold AC 6/11/06 Mesa CC
800 1:54.2 Matt Burton Una 6/20/01 ASU
1500 4:01.1h Eugene Sawyer ABR 4/17/93 Phoenix
3000 8:46.4 Nic Caruso ATF 2/27/16 Millennium HS
5000* 15:05.7 Mica Comstock Una 6/1/91 Chandler
110H 13.78 Armon Williams TAZ 6/1/91 Chandler
400H 52.88 James Smith AzF 5/19/18 Mesa CC
2000SC 6:09.7h Darrel Maxey Una 6/20/84 Glendale CC
4x100 42.29 AZ Rising Sun ARS 6/15/08 Glendale CC
4x400 3:19.1 Arizona Heat AH 6/11/06 Mesa CC
4x800 8:12.5h Phoenix Bobcats PB 6/18/89 Chandler
3000RW 14:21.5h Martin Weight Una 4/20/85 Glendale CC
Pole Vault 5.05m Scott Marshall UH 6/7/13 Mesa CC
High Jump 2.14m Justice Summerset TE 6/5/16 Mesa CC
Long Jump 7.15m Lewis Todd AC 6/19/11 Mesa CC
Triple Jump 15.86m William Clay DR 7/13/08 Glendale CC
Shot Put 18.32m Korey Johnson TAZ 6/1/91 Chandler
Discus 57.82m Dwight Johnson JOM 6/6/87 Flagstaff
Javelin 65.62m Carlan Naisant AzF 6/16/18 Mesa CC
Hammer 70.74m Jacob Slate Una 7/6/17 Mesa CC
Decathlon 7285 Tage Peterson SP 6/18/02 Phoenix

*No longer contested
Bold highlighted red = Longest standing boys' record in AZ

Note: Youth records can only be achieved in scheduled USATF-AZ Youth competitions through the final scheduled competition of the year - usually the Association Junior Olympic Championships. Marks made at J.O. Regionals, when held in Arizona, have been accepted. No running marks may be made when the athlete is competing against athletes in an older age division, except for events greater than 1500 meters. Hand times are allowed for running events 800-5000 meters, but only on occasions when electronic timing is unavailable. In such cases, the hand time must surpass an electronic best time by 0.14 seconds.

I am attempting to determine the all-time USATF-AZ records, i.e. records made in sanctioned competition, including Regional, Youth Nationals, National Junior Olympic, and IAAF World Youth Championship competition. I would appreciate sending me marks, site, and date (or at least year) made in such competition if they surpass those listed in the above record list. There are some truly excellent marks made by Arizona athletes which should be recognized.

Please send all corrections or amendments to: Coach David Allison, Youth Records Chair



AzC Arizona Cheetahs
AcT Accelerate Track Club
AdT Adrenaline Track
AD Aftershock Distance
AE Arizona Elite
AG Arizona Goldrush
AH Arizona Heat
AP Arizona Puma
ARS Arizona Rising Sun
ASS Arizona Speed Stars
AT Arizona Titans
AY Alliance Youth
AZB Arizona Burn
AZF Arizona Flames
AZP Arizona Panthers
AZS Arizona Saints
CG Casa Grande
CWE Cold Water Express
DH Desert Heat
DR Do Right
GTD Go The Distance
HH Havasu Harriers
HA Huron Athletics
JOM Jessie Owens Memorial
MP Metro Phoenix
MSA Mesa Sun Angles
MTC Mustang Track CLub
NARR Northern AZ Res Runners
NWS North West Sonics
NWX Northwest Xpress
NXL Nx Level
PB Phoenix Bobcats
POP Pops Track Club
PTC Phoenix Track Club
PFTC Phoenix Flyers Track Club
SS Silver Streakers
SpS Spartan Speedsters
TAZ Track Arizona
TE Tucson Elite
TSh Team Showtime
UH Ultimate High
VOS Valley of the Sun
W Wicked
WCS World Class Sports
YVF Yuma Valey Flyers
Una Unattached
QS Quicksilver Track Club