These lists show the All-time best marks/times set by our USATF Arizona youth athletes in any venue in the U.S. or abroad that was a sanctioned USATF meet. You will see some duplicate records when looking at the Girls USATF AZ Records page, if the best mark or time was set on Arizona soil. 

8 & Under

100 14.05 Stacey Onyepunuka ARS 7/4/14 Air Force, CO
200 29.49 Mayen Usoro DR 7/31/16 Sac. State
400 1:07.33 Mayen Usoro DR 7/31/16 Sac. State
800 2:49.59 Shay Colosimo AZB 7/9/17 Mesa CC
1500 5:44.64 Citlaly Leal CWE 6/4/15 Millenium HS
4X100 58.73 Do Right Educational DR 7/4/14 Air Force, CO
4X400 4:58.85 AZ Titans AzT 7/21/14 Houston, TX
Long Jump 3.96m Sydney Sanders NxL 3/31/18 South Mt HS
Shot Put 7.18m Jerzy Robinson DR 7/31/16 Sac. State
Javelin 20.72m Haleigh Jones AzF 6/16/18 Mesa CC


100 13.34 Stacey Onyepunuka ARS 6/5/16 Mesa CC
200 27.38 Stacey Onyepunuka ARS 7/31/16 Sac. State
400 1:02.16 Jayde Charlton DR 7/27/12 Morgan State
800 2:28.00 Taliyah Henderson AzT 7/31/16 Sac. State
1500 5:14.72 Landen LeBlond ARS 7/31/16 Sac. State
4x100 55.35 Arizona Cheetahs AzC 7/31/16 Sac. State
4x400 4:26.06 Do Right Education DR 7/27/12 Morgan State
1500RW 8:12.9h Nicole Jenkins DH 4/7/90 Casa Grande
High Jump 1.4m Samara Thompson HA 7/31/16 Sac. State
Long Jump 4.58m Cynthia Rhodes MTC 5/20/72 Phoenix
Shot Put 8.68m Cameryn Hunter AzC 7/7/18 Aurora, CO
Javelin 36.22m Hannah Carson AzC 4/6/03 Mesa CC
Triathlon 1156 Dominique Mustin ARS 07/24/12 Mogan State


100 12.17 Jessica Onyepunuka ARS 7/18/98 Glendale CC
200 25.14 Jessica Onyepunuka ARS 7/18/98 Glendale CC
400 56.93 Taliyah Henderson AT 7/8/18 Aurora, CO
800 2:15.70 Taliyah Henderson AT 8/28/18 NC A&T
1500 4:57.90 Landen LeBlond NXL 4/14/18 Mesa CC
3000 10:22.3h Nicole Jenkins DH 5/18/91 Glendale CC
80H 12.77 Tiffany McDonald ARS 6/10/97 Glendale CC
4x100 50.25 Arizona Cheetahs AzC 6/9/01 Glendale CC
4x400 4:08.28 Arizona Rising Suns ARS 7/27/14 Houston, TX
4x800 10:01.21 Arizona Cheetahs AzC 6/5/11 Mesa CC
1500RW 7:52.94 Raquel Lopez Tiznado AA 2/2/16 Mesa CC
High Jump 1.64m Jacquelyn Johnson YVF 5/18/96 Arcadia HS
Long Jump 5.1m Paelata Helu AzF 6/14/15 Mesa CC
Shot Put 12.16m Hannah Carson AzC 4/2/05 Glendale CC
Discus 29.74m C.J. Navarro Una 6/8/01 Mesa CC
44.71m Hannah Carson AzC 4/6/05 Glendale CC
33.37m Coco Velasquez AzF 6/15/19 Mesa CC
Pentathlon 3029 Jacquelyn Johnson YVF 6/1/96 Westview


100 11.78 Terra Evans AzC 6/1/03 Glendale CC
200 23.94 Terra Evans AzC 4/6/03 Glendale CC
400 56.37 Judith Onyepunuka ARS 6/22/02 Glendale CC
800 2:13.6h Lynette Morgan SDSF 3/30/80 Phoenix
1500 4:42.2h Theresa Smith VOS 4/17/77 Tempe
3000 10:15.9 Bailey Jones AzC 4/14/13 Mesa CC
100H 14.59 Autumn Smith DR 7/8/12 El Paso, TX
200H 27.39 Jadyn Mays NXL 7/31/16 Sac. State
4x100 47.22 AZ Rising Sun ARS 5/18/02 Glendale CC
4x400 3:55.48 Arizona Cheetahs AzC 6/1/11 Glendale CC
4x800 9:49.77 Arizona Cheetahs AzC 7/23/19 Sac. State
3000RW 15:03.5h Vera Jenkins DH 6/4/88 Glendale CC
Pole Vault 3.55m Tatum Richards Una 7/24/19 Sac. State
High Jump 1.69m Cadija Caldwell AzC 6/16/07 Glendale CC
Long Jump 5.66m Cynthia Rhodes MTC 2/21/76 Phoenix
Triple Jump 10.94m Tiana Poirier-Shelton AzF 6/7/13 Mesa CC
Shot Put 13.87m Lori Garrow CTC 4/16/78 Tempe
Discus 39.34m Cindy Johnson AzC 4/16/78 Tempe
Javelin 46.97m Hannah Carson AzC 4/1/07 Glendale CC
Pentathlon 3288 Jacquelyn Johnson YVF 7/18/98 Glendale CC


100 11.68 Judith Onyepunuka ARS 7/14/03 Glendale CC
200 23.99 Judith Onyepunuka ARS 7/14/03 Glendale CC
400 55.53 Natalie Johnson AC 6/13/14 Glendale CC
800 2:14.27 Drianna Mustin ARS 7/28/13 NC A&T
1500 4:38.13 Allyson Arellano AD 3/13/15 Occidental College
3000 9:53.8h Laurie Sawyer PTC 6/3/78 Phoenix
100H 14.27 Jacquelyn Johnson YVF 6/10/00 Glendale CC
400H 1:02.7 Jasmin Stauffacher-Gray TSh 6/1/14 Mesa CC
2000SC 7:23.58 Emily Simon GTD 7/31/16 Cal State Sacramento
4x100 45.52 Arizona Cheetahs AzC 5/18/02 Mesa CC
4x400 3:53.2 Arizona Flames AZF 5/31/09 Mesa CC
4x800 9:46.8 Arizona Cheetahs AzC 6/19/11 Mesa CC
3000RW 14:42.0h Vera Jenkins DH 5/21/89 Glendale CC
Pole Vault 3.66m Kaija Bramwell Una 6/7/13 Mesa CC
High Jump 1.76m Cindy Mitchell CWE 6/17/75 Phoenix
Long Jump 6.03m Ana Van VOS 5/2/78 Phoenix
Triple Jump 11.75m Jasmine Todd AzC 6/14/09 Mesa CC
Shot Put 14.45m Cindy Johnson VOS 7/6/80 Glendale CC
Discus 44.45m Makenz Holmes-Digiovine AE 7/4/13 Mesa CC
Javelin 48.16m Hannah Carson AzC 6/15/08 Mesa CC
Hammer 41.41m Makayla Hunter AzC 7/7/18 Aurora, CO
Heptathlon 4655 Jacquelyn Johnson YVF 06/xx/00 Westview


100 11.30 Kenyanna Wilson ARS 6/11/06
Mesa CC
El Paso, TX
200 23.61 Kenyanna Wilson ARS 7/9/06 El Paso, TX
400 56.37 Eureka Hall TAA 6/1/91 Chandler
800 2:14.7 Katie Penney GTD 6/20/10 Mesa CC
1500 4:44.1 Marge Moyer
Allyson Arellano
Glendale CC
Millennium HS
3000 10:18.03 Allyson Arellano AD 3/4/17 Millennium HS
100H 13.76 Tiffany McDonald ARS 6/8/03 Glendale CC
400H 59.4h Bethany Zahn POP 6/4/05 Mesa CC
2000SC 7:31.82 Julianna Vanderhout AZF 7/26/12 Morgan State
4x100 48.22 Arizona Elite AE 6/20/10 Mesa CC
4x400 4:00.7 Track Arizona TAZ 6/10/90 Tucson
4x800 10:58.6h Arizona Puma AP 6/18/83 Tucson
3000RW 15:39.1h Aimee Burr MSA 6/8/80 Phoenix
Pole Vault 4.07m Nicole Bakerl UH 6/1/14 Mesa CC
High Jump 1.75m Shelly Fehrman NH 6/18/83 Tucson
Long Jump 5.7m Jasmine Todd AzC 5/30/10 Mesa CC
Triple Jump 12.21m Nura Muhammad PFTC 7/29/16 Sacramento St.
Shot Put 13.98m Ashley Webber Una 7/8/12 El Paso, TX
Discus 49.92m Cindy Johnson Una 6/18/83 Tucson
Javelin 52.46m Hannah Carson AzC 5/21/11 Mesa CC
Hammer 50.96m Ashley Weber Una 7/8/12 El Paso, TX
Heptathlon 4679 Alyssa Thompson POP 7/8/12 El Paso, TX

*No longer contested
Bold highlighted red = Longest standing girls' record in AZ

Note: Youth records can only be achieved in scheduled USATF-AZ Youth competitions through the final scheduled competition of the year - usually the Association Junior Olympic Championships. Marks made at J.O. Regionals, when held in Arizona, have been accepted. No running marks may be made when the athlete is competing against athletes in an older age division, except for events greater than 1500 meters. Hand times are allowed for running events 800-5000 meters, but only on occasions when electronic timing is unavailable. In such cases, the hand time must surpass an electronic best time by 0.14 seconds.

I am attempting to determine the all-time USATF-AZ records, i.e. records made in sanctioned competition, including Regional, Youth Nationals, National Junior Olympic, and IAAF World Youth Championship competition. I would appreciate sending me marks, site, and date (or at least year) made in such competition if they surpass those listed in the above record list. There are some truly excellent marks made by Arizona athletes which should be recognized.

Please send all corrections or amendments to: Coach David Allison, Youth Records Chair


AzC Arizona Cheetahs
AcT Accelerate Track Club
AdT Adrenaline Track
AD Aftershock Distance
AE Arizona Elite
AG Arizona Goldrush
AH Arizona Heat
AP Arizona Puma
ARS Arizona Rising Sun
ASS Arizona Speed Stars
AT Arizona Titans
AY Alliance Youth
AZB Arizona Burn
AZF Arizona Flames
AZP Arizona Panthers
AZS Arizona Saints
CG Casa Grande
CWE Cold Water Express
DH Desert Heat
DR Do Right
GTD Go The Distance
HH Havasu Harriers
HA Huron Athletics
JOM Jessie Owens Memorial
MP Metro Phoenix
MSA Mesa Sun Angles
MTC Mustang Track CLub
NARR Northern AZ Res Runners
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PB Phoenix Bobcats
POP Pops Track Club
PTC Phoenix Track Club
PFTC Phoenix Flyers Track Club
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SpS Spartan Speedsters
TAZ Track Arizona
TE Tucson Elite
TSh Team Showtime
UH Ultimate High
VOS Valley of the Sun
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WCS World Class Sports
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