USA Track & Field, Arizona

Arizona Regulation Cross Country Race

Sponsored by USA Track & Field, Arizona Association

Rick Carr, 734-417-5720 AZ USATF XC Chair





Age Divisions

September 14, 2019

Walk Through
Saturday 8 A.M.

Paseo Highlands Park
3435 W Pinnacle Peak Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Youth and

Open & Masters


Race Time (approximate)



9:00 A.M.
(All 5K races)

15-18 Boys/Girls

5K (3.10 miles)

Open and Masters Women & Men

5K (3.10 miles)

Meet will

8 & Under Boys/Girls

2K (1.24 miles)

run on a

9-10 Boys/Girls

3K (1.86 miles)


11-12 Boys/Girls

3K (1.86 miles)


13-14 Boys/Girls

4K (2.48 miles)


Course Map:

Paseo Highlands Park XC Courses

Age Divisions:

Races will run in the order noted above.  Boys and Girls races will be combined if the total field is less than 30 runners and will run separately if more than 30 runners.  Boys and Girls races will be scored separately no matter whether they race as a combined field or not.  In odd years, boys will run first; in even numbered years, the girls will run first


The Competition is open to all Arizona Association athletes.  USA Track & Field membership is Not required for this meet.  To represent a club or organization, that group must be a current member in good standing, with USA Track & Field or a School. USATF Membership will not be required until the State/JO meet November 9th. Memberships purchased in November will be good until the end of 2020.

Entry Fee:

$5.00 per athlete. USA Track & Field membership is Not required.

Entry By:

Online registration through (Meet#160611)


In person at the meet.


“First Team” ribbons will be awarded to the first 7 finishers in each event and “Second Team” ribbons will be awarded to finishers 8 through 14 in each event


Current USA Track and Field youth athletic rules will govern.


Coaches, team leaders, and parents are responsible for the conduct of all their athletes. Failure to maintain proper control and to display good sportsmanship/could result in disqualification from the meet.


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